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From Lead to Deal

This ebook covers a comprehensive pipeline management system that I use.  What you will learn from this book are defining gates, in other words, the conditions you put in place before you move an opportunity to another stage.

The Budo of High Performance Sales Coaching

I wrote this ebook to show you the framework and elements I use to building a high performance sales organisation. 

Expert Advice on Building and Managing Pipelines

Packed with tips from sales leaders on how to build a world class pipeline

Expert Advice on Nailing Your Forecast

Following on the expert advice on building and managing pipelines, getting tips on nailing your forecast. 


Some tools I developed for sales and entrepreneurs to increase your performance.

Sales Efficiency Tool

I made this little tool so you can quickly check how the performance of your sales hunter team is doing compared with your peers.  This tool works best in a B2B SaaS environment.  When you enter your info and data, you get a nice little report sent to you as well!

Opportunity Scorecard

What is the chance your opportunity will actually close?  I developed this little tool to help you assessing your opportunity.  Fill in a number of questions, and get your report with some suggestions.


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