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I spent the last 2 decades building revenue streams for tech giants like Indeed, Veritas and NVIDIA, totalling over 600 million USD, as well as coaching and advising startups.

Recently I decided to walk away from corporate life, and focus full time on helping SaaS founders and sales leaders.  While many founders have brilliant ideas, very few gain traction.  In my experience, a big reason is lack of systems that help your business running like a well oiled engine, and this is where I come into play.

I do this by offering advice through my boutique advisory Jump Foundation, and through the account and opportunity management platform Epic Salto.  At the same time, I share my experience around sales strategy, systems and tips daily on LinkedIn and in my weekly newsletter.  

I am also the author of JUMP, a book created to help companies building a high performance framework and navigate in todays fast changing world.  



Change is coming.  Actually, the rate of change will only increase and it is simply impossible to react to each and every trend popping up.  How can you, as a company owner, entrepreneur and/or leader make your company thrive in todays environment? JUMP is the answer to help you thrive.  The book is now available on Amazon here (for the US) and here (for Europe). The book covers elements like how to manage your company culture, company purpose, company structure and your most important asset, your people.

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