Cedric Royer on PS Grow with Peter Snauwaert

Peter Snauwaert from PS Grow, invited me for a chat on his podcast.  Here you have the links to the podcast,  And this is how he introduce me on LinkedIn: Cédric Royer is passionate about the tech sector and the impact it has on society. The transformation has only...

Trust is the foundation of high performance

"Hey, trust me, I know what I am doing." …  "Haammmer!" If you recognize those lines, then you definitely remember the series Sledge Hammer that originally ran during the mid 80s. When Sledge Hammer, played by David Rasche, said that line, you knew that things were...

The 3 reasons people leave companies

And it is not managers. Wooh… hold on.  We have all heard the expression before that people don't leave companies, they leave bad managers.  While a direct manager is crucial in any organisation, and that she has a huge impact on the staff, unfortunately for the...

My 3 day fast

I was already doing intermittent fasting, but wanted to try to fast over a number of days, and after our trip to Tuscany I decided it was the right moment to bring my fasting to the next level, and so, last week Wednesday, I started a 3 day fast, and finished it,...

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