Tips to remove silos and improve collaboration

How can you improve the collaboration in your organisation, and what is holding you back? One of them is, the mere existence of the classic org chart. And why is that?        After all, an org chart gives a nice overview of the responsibilities and...

The 5 Key differences between Innovation and Disruption

There is quite some confusion about the difference between innovation and disruption.  To make matters worse, some people distinguish between sustaining innovation and disruptive innovation.  And though I greatly agree with the definition of disruptive innovation, I...

Vuca Leadership

I love the startup and scaleup ecosystem.  When I look at the chaos of all these ideas, tumbling over each other to get that bit of attention on social media, of potential customers and potential VCs, I am astounded by the wide range of interests those founders have,...

The importance of grit and resilience

Have you ever seen a toddler making her first steps?  How did she walk? Her first steps were so wobbly, and you probably saw the toddler falling on her bum, looking surprised at what just happened.  Yes I get to the point... She probably sounded a bit annoyed, but...

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